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Read: Silo’s ‘Break Bread’ is innovative virtual theatre

Silo Theatre has become an Auckland institution by producing ambitious productions that are sometimes large in scale, but always innovative and, at times, quirky. With covid shuttering productions across the city, Silo has come up with a very clever new show that is available online, it’s called Break Bread.

Featuring four very likable and talented performers, and filmed in each of their homes, Break Bread is reminiscent of a comedy sketch show. Conversations between performers are done split-screen in a way that feels organic and authentic. It is possible to watch this production and believe that the performers are gathered together in the same space, even when they are doing individual monologues.

What Silo has created is a very intimate, rude, irreverent, and thought-provoking piece that speaks to the conditions we find ourselves in. They poke fun at human foibles and anxiety. The parody religion and history in a way that is outlandish, often extremely gratuitous, and funny. 

My favourite moment was a very clever parody of the biblical story of Exodus. The four performers in their bubbles but all on-screen, seemingly channeling Kath and Kim in action and accent, while discussing the Passover and realising they had completely misinterpreted God’s instructions. The consequences are deadly but incredibly funny.

Other parts of the production satirised the sinking of the Titanic, the Great Fire of London, counselling in a time of social upheaval, and a rather prepossessing piece about meditation with a ‘new age’ man showing a touch of human frailty. 

One other section dealt with the inhabitants of Pompeii discussing their actions prior to the destruction of the city. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say, while funny, it may cause palpitations in those who are on the prudish side of human sexuality. 

Some moments in this production felt laboured, but overall, it is a well-performed piece, with excellent production values. Set designs, props, and lighting were very skilfully managed, and the whole thing felt very innovative.

In an attempt to continue theatre but in a virtual setting, Silo Theatre has succeeded in bringing its unique storytelling to the small screen. 

To watch the show click here

BREAK BREAD (online) 30 Nov – 19 Dec 2021

$25 pay per view


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