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Review: ‘Ticket to Paradise’ is a sweet film

Ticket to Paradise is a new film in which George Clooney and Julia Roberts star as a divorced couple who travel to Bali to stop their daughter Lily from marrying  Gede, a Balinese man she has just met. 

Press play to watch my review:

This is a cute comedy drama which is at times a little predictable, but it’s also warm, funny, and nicely respectful of Balinese culture. The entire cast works very well together, and the story is likeable and despite the star power of its leading man and woman, they dont overwhelm the film or their fellow performers. 

There is nothing particularly life changing or deeply philosophical in this movie, but it is very sweet. 

So how did I score it?

Acting   8 /10

Story/Script 7 /10

Cinematography    7 /10

Set/Costumes   7/10

Entertainment   7 /10

That gives Nope an average score of   7.2 / 10


Starring:       Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Kaitlyn Dever, Maxime Bouttier, Billie Lourd, Lucas Bravo 

Directed by: Ol Parker 

Duration: 104 Minutes

Opens in Australia and New Zealand – 15th September  2022


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