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Listen: Addressed to Greta is a beautiful new novel by Fiona Sussman

In this audio interview, Andrew Whiteside and talks with author Fiona Sussman about her latest novel Addressed to Greta. 

The book is a beautifully crafted tale about a socially and somewhat physically awkward woman living a very controlled buttoned-up life in suburban Auckland. When a gay friend called Walter dies, he bequeaths her a trip around the world – the catch, she will only find out where she is going the day before each flight via letters penned by Walter.  Over time, those letters slowly give out more details about his life and the reasons why he has sent Greta on this trip. 

Addressed to Greta is a wonderful novel, full of gentle humour and touching exploration of friendship, anxiety, and finding one’s place in the world. 

A hard copy of the book is available now in retail outlets in New Zealand or can be purchased online via batemanbooks.co.nz or internationally at fishpond.co.nz

If you are after a digital copy you can purchase it via Kindle or Apple Books from Mid November 2020. 


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