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Read: Impeach Him Now!!

Today, I tried to finish an opinion piece on how New Year can be a time for contemplating our lives and perhaps setting new goals. I’m not talking about the notion of ‘resolutions’ or even a bucket list, but how an honest reflection on our personal values and what is truly important to us can influence our lives into the future. 

Then I turned on the news. 

Watching the footage of a mob of lawless thugs attacking the US Capitol Building was deeply shocking. Many have been injured and one person has been killed. It is awful and it is tragic.

But, is it really that surprising? 

For the past four years we have witnessed a coup in progress in the US. Leading that coup is a charlatan who has no morals, no empathy, and who has for some unknown reason managed to convince almost 50% of the American voting public that he is their saviour. What’s more he has been supported and enabled by Senators, Congress women and men and the likes of Fox News. 

The most horrific part of all the carnage and cruelty that T**** and his allies have presided over is that 360,000 Americans have died of Covid-19 infection. The criminal neglect and the awful deception and denials around the pandemic have wrecked lives and communities across the country. The entire hospital system in many places is at breaking point, and the outgoing President doesn’t care.

Today, he didn’t condemn the violence and anti-democratic attack on Congress. He once again lied and moaned about his defeat. 

In response a number of Republican leaders including Mitch McConnell have called out the President.

Twitter has locked his account for 12 hours and have hinted they may ban him.  

Well to that I say – it’s too late. Too late for redemption for both the GOP and Twitter, and all the others who have ridden on the swindler’s coattails. All of these players need to face up to what they have allowed in the name of politics, money, and power. 

They all benefited from the egomaniac in the White House and wilfully chose to exploit it and enable it. 

Too many people have blood on their hands and many of them are now crying foul when it is obvious T**** is out the door.

The Congress and Senate now need to impeach T***** so that he can never again stand for office. An anti-trust commission needs to look into the Murdoch owned news empire and it’s appalling manipulations and it’s history of spying. 

Even though I don’t live in the US, the politics there affect the globe. The current situation shows us what happens when we lose sight of our shared values and the value of democracy. Our institutions are vulnerable to manipulation, and our own values are vulnerable to corruption by greed or by apathy caused by a middle class lifestyle. 

When we give into fear, prejudice, and lying, none of us are safe. It is something we have to work hard at, but now is the opportunity to really make a change and stand up to the bullies, the liars and the thieves. 

Impeach him now!

And while you are doing that America, I’ll get back to my other opinion piece and publish it on another day!


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