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Read: James Malcolm’s comedy is laden with sex

James Malcolm is a 22-year-old gay boy who looks like a teenager in whom’s mouth butter would not melt. 

That image quickly evaporates however when he opens that aforementioned mouth and delivers a sixty-minute monologue laden with expletives and X-rated depictions of his sex life. 

While not all his anecdotes hit the mark, he did deliver some incredibly funny, if in-your-face moments.

Of particular delight was a set about his Mother owning  12kgs of dildos, while also dating a boy the same age as Malcolm himself.  I’m not sure whether any of this was true, but it was hilarious and took some nerve to put it out there.

Malcolm seemed to get better and more confident as the routine continued, but some parts went on a little too long and his overuse of the phrase ‘thank you’ after his punchlines wore a little thin.

My feeling is that James Malcolm is experimenting with the art form and using outrageous stories to cement himself.

He is very watchable and I think in time he will become a really great comedian – he just needs to keep putting it out there while continuing to hone his content and delivery.

James Malcolm – Fameless

15th – 19th May 2018

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