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LGBTQ News Roundup – 12th November 2021

Angelina Jolie speaks out after some countries ban ‘Eternals’ film for same-sex kiss 

Actor Angelina Jolie says she’s “sad” for audiences who won’t get to see her new Marvel film, Eternals, after it was banned in several countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, over a same-sex kiss. Jolie plays Thena in the film about a race of immortal superheroes. She said in a recent interview she doesn’t understand why people are threatened by it, and is proud that Marvel studios refused to cut the scenes depicting a same-sex relationship from the film. In the film, characters Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), and Ben (Haaz Sleiman) portray a male couple who also share Marvel’s first same-sex kiss. 

US Navy launches ship named after gay human rights leader 

  The US Navy has launched a ship named a gay rights activist forced to resign from the service because of his sexuality in the 1950s. The launch of the USNZ Harvey Milk was attended by Milk’s nephew, Stuart. Despite serving as a diving officer and Lieutenant during the Korean War, Milk was forced out of the navy following two weeks of interrogation about his sexuality in 1955. In 1977 he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and became one of the first openly gay politicians in America. One year later, he was shot and killed by Dan White, a former city supervisor.    

Married lesbian couple suing UK’s NHS    

A married lesbian couple in England are launching a legal case against the National Health Service claiming it discriminates against LGBT+ families. Megan Bacon-Evans, and her wife Whitney, complain that same-sex couples are required to pay more and try longer than a heterosexual couple before being eligible for IVF treatments via the NHS. Earlier this year, a report published by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, stated the England and Northern Ireland NHS series imposed “significant” financial barriers on LGBT+ families and single women. 

Bulgarian presidential candidate charged after storming LGBTQ office

A far-right nationalist candidate in this month’s Bulgarian presidential election was arrested and charged with hooliganism and assault after a weekend attack on an LGBTQ community centre in Sofia. Boyan Rasate (pictured above) is known for strong anti-LGBTQ positions. He was detained for 72 hours after his legal immunity as a presidential candidate was waived. Rasate has not admitted any guilt and has declined to make a statement. If convicted of the charges, Rasate faces up to five years in jail. 

Harry Styles helps a girl come out to her mum at his concert

British pop star Harry Styles continues to help fans come out at his concerts. This week, at Styles’ Love on Tour show in Milwaukee, the star noticed a fan holding a sign asking him to help her come out to her mum. He told the girl “no problem,” and then shouted out “Lisa, she’s gay!” as thunderous cheers filled the arena. 


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