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LGBTQ News Roundup – 27th August 2021

Lesbian newly-weds murdered in Utah

Two newlywed women were found fatally shot at a southeastern Utah campsite this week. The bodies of Crystal Michelle Turner (38), and wife Kylen Carrol Schulte (24, were found at the campsite 260 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Days before the murders, the woman had told friends they were concerned about a ‘creepy guy’ at the same campsite. The couple were married in April and spent their time touring the state in a camper van. The local sheriff has stated there is no current danger to the public, but would not elaborate as to why.

Fears for LGBT people in Afghanistan

LGBT people living in Afghanistan are fearful for their lives now that the Taliban have taken over the country. While the situation in the central Asian country has always been dangerous for LGBT people, under the Taliban’s interpretation of Sharia Law, homosexuality is strictly prohibited and punishable by death. In this article, a young man in Afghanistan speaks out about his fear of being “killed on the spot,” if he is found out. The fear of his situation is causing severe depression. 

Polish region wants to remain ‘LGBT-free’ 

The regional council of Malopolska in Poland has voted to remain an “LGBT-free zone” despite receiving a warning letter from the EU saying it could lose more than €2.5 billion EU funds unless it revokes the original declaration made in 2019. Some religious conservatives in Poland claim they haven’t got anything against the gay community but they oppose what they call “LGBT ideology,” which they say poses a threat to Christian values. A number of clergy have been seen praying at anti-gay events in Warsaw as pictured above.  

Record number of LGBT athletes at the Paralympic games

The Paralympics have begun in Tokyo, and this year there will be at least 27 openly LGBT athletes from eight countries competing. This is 15 more than competed at the 2016 games in Rio. A spokesperson for RespectAbility, a nonprofit that works to change how society views popped with disabilities says the increased visibility points to a large intersection between the LGBTQ and disabled communities. 


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