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Read: Wellington City to light up for trans rights

Press Release from the Wellington City Council:

In a joint action of support for Wellington’s gender diverse community, Mayor Andy Foster and Councillors Fleur Fitzsimons and Teri O’Neill have organised for the sails of the Michael Fowler Centre (MFC) to be lit in the colours of the Transgender Flag. 

Tonight, the MFC will light up with the Transgender colours during this week’s Speak Up for Women (SUFW) rally.

“I defend the right of free speech for SUFW however, we are here in the kaupapa of inclusiveness, where every member of our community is valued, respected and treated with empathy. That is who we are in Wellington, and this is how we act,” said Mayor Foster.  

“Too often discussions become aggressive shouting matches that without balance have no respect for differing opinions. We are taking this action to ensure there is a voice for members of the gender diverse community, who do not normally have ready access to influence public opinion.”

Cr Fleur Fitzsimons said Wellingtonians have a proud history of being inclusive of all people.

“The lighting the sails with the colours of the transgender flag is a symbol that Wellington welcomes our transgender whanau.

“I have a transgender child and I’m proud of our Mayor and our city for sending this clear message of inclusion and hope for our gender diverse and rainbow communities,” said Cr Fitzsimons.

As a councillor who openly identifies with queer this action is deeply personal to me and my community, said Cr Teri O’Neill.

“Lighting up the MFC is not about waiting for the right time to speak out but, ensuring that every day we stand and support our gender diverse and rainbow communities.

“For our trans whānau – You are valid, you are loved, and we’ve got your back,” said Cr O’Neill.

Note – copy for this article supplied by Wellington City Council

  • The Transgender colours will light up the MFC from 5.40pm Tuesday 13 July to Sunday 18 July 2021.
  • The lighting of the MFC will follow a short ceremony commencing 5.30pm Tuesday 13 July on the City to Sea Bridge (on the grass beyond the pyramid)

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