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Review: Nobody Has To Know

Set in a windswept Scottish village, the film tells the story of a Belgian man who suffers a stroke, causing him to lose his memory. His carer, Millie, lies to him by saying they were secret lovers. 

Press play to watch the review:

This is a slow-burning movie that takes a while to bed in, but when it does, you form quite an attachment to its characters. They are all a little broken, and a little weird, but decent at heart. The story is nicely crafted and offers a few surprises that make it feel very genuine. The entire film has a very European sensibility and pace which is not wholly unexpected given it’s a Belgian British co-production, and its main actor is Belgian and also directs the film. 

In many ways, this is a subdued film that explores character more than plot. There are no big action scenes in it, but you will come away feeling you’ve seen a very intriguing love story without a lot of hype. 

So how did I score it?

Acting   8 /10

Story/Script    7/10

Cinematography    7/10

Set/Costumes    7 /10

Entertainment   7 /10

That gives Nobody Has To Know an average score of 

Average     7.2 / 10


Starring: Bouli Lanners, Michelle Fairley, Cal MacAninch, Clovis Cornillac, Julian Glover, Andrew Still

Directed by: Bouli Lanners, Tim Mielants

Duration: 99 minutes

Opens in New Zealand – 19th May 2022

Already open in Australia.


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