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Read: Take your prejudice out of my Queer community!

It always worries me when people take a ‘moral’ stance against the sexuality of other people, and in particular the sexual behaviour of queer people. But it really incenses me, when the person making that judgemental stance is queer themselves.

So I’m pretty pissed off to read this piece of drivel in The Odyssey written by Heidi French. It has a provocative title: Keep Your Kink Out Of My Pride Parade, and in it, she basically excoriates queer folk who are into bdsm and/or leather and says they don’t belong in Pride events or even the pride community. She believes the queer communities are not about sex, but sexual orientation. She also is very concerned how kinky people might disturb youngsters. This is, of course, an old refrain from puritanical morons: “ Won’t someone think of the children!”

Ironically, in Heidi’s latest column she berates members of her family for not supporting gay rights and that the relationship between them can “only be repaired by opening your mind.”

Well, Heidi, you need to look up the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite.’ I think you’ll find it quite instructive.

Pride is and always has been about celebrating diversity and overcoming prejudice. In your puritanical desire to purge the Rainbow Communities of sexual deviancy, I wonder who will be next?  Are drag queens safe? How about drag kings? What about transgender or intersex people? 

Will the only folks allowed in your sanitised spectrum of pride be monogamous gay couples who only practice the missionary position?  Because if that is the way you think, then you have a lot more in common with homophobic bigots than you realise.

I’d like you to re-read some words from your latest column:

I’m proud to be a lesbian and no amount of bigotry from you will ever change that. Love will always win, so you better get used to it.”

It seems to me Heidi that you aren’t practicing what you preach, so I’m suggesting that you take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself this question:

“Why do I feel this strong prejudice against some of my fellow queer folk?” 

Then remember what you’ve written about prejudice and apply it yourself!


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