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2022 Newsletter Survey – Results

The results of my survey are in, and a big thank you to each one of you who participated and shared your thoughts. I set the survey up to find out which things you enjoy in the newsletter, and any suggestions you may have for improving it. I also asked some questions about my content and my future direction. All up there were nine questions.

Here are the responses:

1. What do you think of my newsletters? 

– Love them! – 100%

2. Which bits are you most interested in? (tick as many as you like) 

My opinions  – 94.44%

Reviews – 72.22%

Interviews – 72.22%

Event listing – 66.67%

Interesting facts you might not know – 61.11%

LGBT news and stories  – 55.56%

Philosophy  – 44.44%

Health and Well-Being – 44.44%

Quotes from famous people – 44.44%

3. Is there anything you would like to see in the newsletters that isn’t there currently?

Yes – 11.76%

No – 82.35%

If yes, please let me know what:

Gay history – especially NZ

Mental health stories 

Regional news or guest column/opinion

4. My newsletters go out on Thursdays – prefer another day?

Yes – 33.33%

No –  66.67%


Monday 16.67%

Friday – 33.33%

Saturday – 33.37%

Sunday – 16.67%

5. Do you have any other thoughts about my newsletters

Yes  – 11.11%

No – 83.33%


I would love to listen to your interviews in an easier way. Subscribe to your audio stuff in a podcast format using my Apple Podcast app would be great. I love the gay news from around the world. There could be even more of that.

6. Do you listen to podcasts

Yes – 72.22%

No – 27.78

7. Would you be interested in Andrew Whiteside podcasts? 

Yes – 83.33%

No – 16.67%

8. If I produced a podcast, what type would interest you?

Interviews with LGBTQ people – 81.25%

My thoughts or opinions on various issues or topics (eg history) – 75%

Interviews with people in the Art/Entertainment world – 62.5%

A podcast where I tell fictional or non-fictional stories – 31.25%

Other: (please list topics you would be interested in me covering)

Modern topics/current news topics

Podcast where you are informally chatting with a group of friends or acquaintances

9. Are there any subjects or types of storytelling you would be interested in me covering?

Yes – 23.53%

No – 64.71%

Please list your thoughts:

Current affairs

LGBTQ history – The history of gay sex during the Victorian era and the secret men’s clubs . Also the romance and letters of gay and lesbian service personnel during WW2 . Coming out under fire is a brilliant book

I am always keen and enthusiastic to hear people’s life stories 

Myths of Gay Community The pink pound Being Gay and religion (history of) Self acceptance of being gay Older generation and being gay in rest homes.

Local content on various suburbs in Auckland eg: K’Rd, Ponsonby, out west etc.


It is gratifying to know that people love the newsletters, and they will continue into 2023. There may be some changes to them in terms of content, but nothing major at this stage.

I won’t necessarily be able to take on board all of the content suggestions, but I appreciate them. I am planning to create podcasts in the future, and will let you know about those at a later date. Since almost 95% of you were interested in my opinion, I will endeavour to create more opinion pieces in 2023.

A small number of subscribers would prefer to receive the newsletters on a different day, but the vast majority prefer Thursdays, and so they will continue to be released on that day.

Once again, thank you for letting me know your thoughts, I really appreciate it. Remember that you can always let me know what you are thinking by simply replying to the newsletter when you receive it.

Warm regards – Andrew


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