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Event: Blossoms of My Blood – Jan/Feb 2024

Aleksander Floyd’s extraordinary new portraits are unreal in the true sense of the word. Not one of the figures in his arrestingly beautiful images actually exists in this world.

They’re all entirely fictional; made up of appropriated fragments: melded, painted, expanded and skilfully manipulated into shape by their creator to communicate hidden truths about humanity. No Artificial Intelligence involved, just Artistic Intelligence.

Blossoms of My Blood’, a line from the Calamus writings of Walt Whitman, is an immersive experience that explores the interplay between inner psyche and external projection. Investigating the fine and mysterious balance between unity and exclusion, acceptance and discrimination.

Through an autobiographical lens, Floyd sheds light on the narrative of multi-cultural solidarity and challenges prevailing patterns of prejudice.

Small fragments of found imagery (such as a hand or an eye) are woven, painted and expanded to become unique semi fantastical composited beings. Distinct body forms and personalities

reference selected colours of the Progress Pride flag to explore feelings of difference. Because of their genesis and the artist’s own experiences, they resonate with intangible – sometimes unsettling – familiarity; plucking long-guarded heart strings, stirring memories and inspiring admiration and hope for a more blended, inclusive and harmonious future.

— Amanda Samuel, Freelance Journalist

Aleksander Floyd is a photographic and digital artist from Tāmaki Makaurau who graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts – University of Auckland. His work explores the significance of societal and psychological concepts through portraiture and the human form. Aleksander is a finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards 2023 – Waikato Museum.

“In this series, I create fictional portraits of multicultural identities that together portray a unity of resolution and acceptance — resisting forces that seek to divide us for our differences.
They are a ballad for our future.

Through a subtle tone of allegory and fantasy I explore the mysterious space of the human psyche where ancient stories, myths, and legends flourish. Moths, birds, horses and supernatural visitants symbolically take up human form – as a theatre of characters – alongside notions of grief, bonding and self-refection.

Created with composites of reference material I’ve found over several years, I paint and morph unique figures by hand to breathe new life into each creature. Through this process I feel we know these beings; once an echo of our memory but now an enigma just beyond our reach, as they exist at a place we have not arrived at yet.”

— Aleksander Floyd.


25 January – 22 February 2024

Studio One Toi Tū,
1 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.


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