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Event: Magnificent Remains

Dance Plant Collective are a tenacious bunch of movement artists. Having graduated from a degree in performing arts in 2016, the group have had their fair share of ups and downs as an independent arts company. The group has been declined over and over again when applying for funding, missed out on many presentation opportunities, and of course, shut down by Covid 3 or 4 times. Still, they persevere – and it pays off! Their incredible new show, Magnificent Remains, premieres in Auckland’s Lot 23 on the 17th of June, with a jam-packed 3 night season.

Magnificent Remains is a contemporary dance work inspired by the surrealist art movement that began in the 1920’s. It is a nod to the original surrealists who, in pursuit of liberation, turned to the unconscious mind. We now welcome the 2021 Surrealists. 100 years later, they have spent hours waltzing with surrealism, following their noses without rationale. Magnificent Remains offers us an insight into their investigations, a dip into a world where dreams are placed on a pedestal and logic is abandoned in favour of possibility.

This work has been created by an incredible team of artists. Brittany Kohler, along with the rest of Dance Plant Collective are excited to be working with such a fantastic group of creatives. Danced by Bella Wilson, Natasha Kohler, Tūī Hofmann, Neža Jamnikar, Fa’asu Afoa Purcell, Amber Liberté, Miriam Eskildsen and Jacob Reynolds, the movement is exciting, uncanny. The sound has been created by james risbey and lighting designed by Paul Bennett. The costume and styling from Zoë McNicholas ties the piece together into theatre experience that is like no other.

Audiences can expect a strange encounter with an artform not usually placed on the body. A series of fascinating images that has been plucked straight from dreamscapes.

Magnificent Remains plays 

Dates: 17th-19th June, 7:30pm 

Venue: Lot 23

Tickets: $20 – $50

Bookings: www.danceplantcollective.com


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