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LGBTQ News Roundup – 1st October 2021

Switzerland votes for marriage equality 

Almost two-thirds of Swiss voters backed a push for marriage equality this week. A referendum on the issue was passed despite opposition from church groups and conservative political parties. The measure means it is also possible for same-sex couples to adopt unrelated children and for married lesbian couples to have children through sperm donation.  

Three Polish regions repeal ‘LGBT Free’ status

Three Polish regional councils have repealed motions declaring their provinces ‘LGBT-free zones,’ after the European Union threatened to withdraw funding. In a stunning reversal, one of the regions stated it was a region “of well-established tolerance.” Another region stated “We see a special need to protect schools and families and the right of every person to self-determination.”  Seems money does talk! 

Two transgender women win seats in German Parliament

In a historic first, two transgender women have been elected to the German Parliament. Tessa Ganserer (pictured), and Nyke Slawik stood for the Greens party which increased its share of the vote from 8.9% in 2017 to 14.8% this week. Ganserer said after winning that the result was a symbol of Germany being an open and tolerant society. Both MPs say that improving the lives of LGBT people is a priority for them. 


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