Listen: Stacey Kerapa on what’s gone wrong with Pride

For the past few months, I have been covering the acrimonious split in the Auckland Rainbow Communities that resulted from the Auckland Pride Board’s decision to ban police uniforms from the Pride parade. 

My intention is to canvas a number of opinions about this, and so today, I am talking with Stacey Kerapa  – Stacey is Maori, transgender and a former board member of the Hero Parade and Festival organisation that ran in the 1990s. Because she has strong links to Auckland’s queer community and history, I wanted to get her perspective on the current Pride troubles. 

*Editor’s note 11th March 2019: The new organisation Rainbow Pride Auckland announced two days after this interview was recorded that Stacey Kerapa has been added to their Advisory Board. Ms Kerapa did not disclose this to during the interview, but did mention afterwards that she had been asked but had not yet decided whether to accept or not.


  1. Great article andrew, though not sure where the drug fueled parties are happening in franklin road..maybe it’s the hallucinogenic qualities of the Christmas lights

  2. Great to have Stacey breaking everything down and giving us some factual perspective.

  3. Shannon-Anahera White

    Awesome korero Stacey, very articulate and I tautoko your every word you said… I couldn’t had said it any better… Nga mihi nui ki a koe sisi 💖

  4. Racheal McGonigal

    Well spoken Stacey. Agree totally that both fractions have to talk and find away to work together. Glad I am not a diplomat as whoever achieves it, should get the top Diplomatic post for NZ.


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