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Read: Mamma Mia will get you up and dancing

Apparently a bit naff to admit you like Abba music, but judging from the reactions of a completely full house at the Bruce Mason Centre on Saturday night, Abba is pretty hip. For myself, I readily and unsubconsciously admit that I have always loved the group’s music and further confess that I had a crush on Benny Anderson in my adolescent years.

The music is mostly upbeat, but even when covering a breakup (Knowing Me, Knowing You), it is never depressing.

Chock full of Abba’s music, Mamma Mia the Musical is a feel good romantic romp that literally gets people dancing in the aisles.

Yes, the plot is thin and sickly sweet, but that really doesn’t matter. It is the music and the ability of the cast that count and in this production both are top notch.

Veteran kiwi song bird Jackie Clarke is excellent as the show’s leading lady, but she is very ably supported by Sammy Campbell (Sophie) who’s voice and acting are flawless.

As with many musicals, it is often supporting cast members who manage to steal the limelight and in this case Charlotte Nightingale (Tanya) and Emma Leon (Rosie) provided some hilarious moments, and were more than a match when interacting with the younger ensemble.

What I like most about Mamma Mia is the skilful way the music of Abba has been reworked so suit the mood of each plot point. I don’t want to oversell it, this is not a deeply meaningful show and it certainly wont get you thinking about any deep issues. But it does deliver a very enjoyable experience and it does it with aplomb.

So I recommend you check out the show, and even if you don’t think much of Abba’s legacy, I bet you wont be able to resist the temptation to sing and dance along during the final encore.

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24 March – 14th April 2018

Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna


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