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Movie Review: Iron Claw

Iron Claw is based on the true story of the Von Erich brothers who made a huge impact in the world of professional wrestling in the 1980s.

Press play to watch my review:

This is a well acted and very well shot film that delves into the eccentric and extremely tragic story of the family. The wrestling scenes are brilliantly choreographed, and the entire look and the fell of the film evokes 1980s America really well.

It’s great as a piece of nostalgia and gives a good insight into the somewhat surreal and heavily theatrical world of professional wrestling. While the actors are all very good, almost every character is so stoic and buttoned up it’s hard to actually like most of them. There are poignant scenes that are well done, but overall, the film lacks emotional authenticity. 

It is a watchable film, but slows down half way through and becomes a little tedious. It redeems itself in the final 15 minutes, so all up Iron Claw is a mixed bag for me.

So how did I score it?

Acting  8 /10

Story/Script 6 /10

Cinematography    8 /10

Set/Costumes 7 /10

Entertainment value 7/10

That gives Iron Claw an average score of   7.2/ 10


Starring:   Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, Maura Tierney, Holt McCallany, Lily James

Directed by: Sean Durkin 

Duration: 132 Minutes

Open in New Zealand – 25th January 2024


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