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Movie Review: Scrapper

This is a British film about a Georgie, young girl living alone in East London after her mother dies. She steals bikes to pay bills and get food and hangs out with her best friend Ali. Then, her father, whom she’s never met turns up and the two try to form a relationship. 

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This is a cute if odd little film. Initially it feels a little contrived, but as it progresses it shows real heart, humour, and genuine emotion. Lola Campbell as Georgie is a delight in her first film role and gives a superb performance as a troubled twelve year old. She is ably assisted by the charming Alin Uzin as Ali, and Harris Dickinson brings a wonderful vulnerability to his role as Jason the father. 

This is definitely a quirky watchable film that I recommend you go and see. 

So how did I score it?

Acting  8 /10

Story/Script 7 /10

Cinematography    8 /10

Set/Costumes  8 /10

Entertainment   8 /10

That gives Scrapper  an average score of   7.8 / 10


Starring:   Harris Dickinson, Lola Campbell, Alin Uzun

Directed by: Charlotte Regan

Duration: 84 Minutes

Open in Australia and New Zealand – 31st August 2023


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