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Read: Parker and Sainsbury are Comedy Festival Gold

There is a palpable chemistry between comedians Chris Parker and Tom Sainsbury and it was clearly observable during the duo’s 2018 Comedy Festival offering Giggly Gerties.

As with much of their work the show borders on the absurdist side of theatre. The plot is silly and takes place over a huge swathe of human history – from a couple of gay cavemen to a future where robots can genuinely fall in love.

The set was minimalist, both actors wore ill fitting red onesies throughout out the show and only swapping bad wigs and different voices gave any clue to a change in character. On many levels this could have been a disaster, but their brilliant comedic talents, obvious connection and their, at times, understated way of delivering lines made this incredibly funny and watchable.

Of particular delight were their ‘robot voices’ which seemed to channel Siri if he/she had spent the night downing tequilas. Parker and Sainsbury were actually at their best during a couple of non scripted snafus.  When Sainsbury accidentally smashed a glass on stage, Parker  brilliantly brought the action in to the script and kept ad-libbing while the show’s technician swept up the glass – it was an incredibly funny moment. Another unscripted moment occurred when Sainsbury forgot the lines to a song – once again, Parker saved the moment and it actually made the show so much better.

My feeling is that story, props and costumes are completely irrelevant when these two men get together. Just seeing them on stage and watching them interact is pure joy. It is my opinion this brilliant comedy twosome deserve a much wider audience.

Parker and Sainsbury  – Giggly Gerties

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