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Read: Comedian Steve Lyons is ready for the big league

It’s a brave man who will invite his mother to his first ever solo stand-up show, particularly when she features so heavily in it. Yet that is exactly what Steve Lyons did on the opening night of his show Deep Cuts at Auckland’s Classic Comedy venue. 

Lyons is an intelligent and genuinely funny comedian and something of a hybrid. While born overseas, he  spent his formative years in New Zealand before moving to the US. This has given him an American influenced accent that, on his own admission, confuses the hell out of those Stateside. 

The theme of his set is the many scars on his body and the curious stories behind them.  I don’t think I have ever encountered anyone so accident prone. But in telling these stories he is able to make some fascinating observations on life. 

Lyons has a self-deprecating manner and a charm that is very disarming. So disarming in fact that he can get way with some exceedingly crass jokes without being offensive – that is quite a talent! 

This is not a ‘polished’ or ‘slick’ performance, and that is a good thing. He comes across as someone very genuine who clearly loves what he is doing and is having fun doing it. He makes observations about life, mixes in social satire and then switches into obvious puns and ‘dad’ jokes. 

And… it all works.

A parody about the old kiwi TV show Top Town was incredibly funny as was his impression of a former pet cat who apparently channeled Arnold Schwarzenegger.   Also deserving special mention was his observations about belly buttons, and an anecdote from his childhood concerning a frosted glass toilet door. I won’t spoil the jokes by explaining, I’d just recommend going and seeing them for yourself. 

Even when he occasionally mucks up a joke he’s still amusing. Rather than let it throw him off, he just relishes the fun of screwing up . This is a very strong asset in a comedian because it makes the audience feel safe and ironically makes the joke that much funnier. 

As he mentioned right at the beginning of the show, this was Lyons first solo show, my sense is he is ready for the big league.


Dates:  4th – 7th March
Venue: The Classic Comedy Bar
Tickets: $15 – $12
Bookings: www.eventfinda.co.nz/2020/steven-lyons-deep-cuts/auckland


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