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Read: Delicious Oblivion is a star attraction

The first time I saw Jennifer Ward-Lealand sing live was over a decade ago in her stunning cabaret show Falling in Love Again. As she walked on stage in an ice-white fur coat and a sheer dress that clung to her statuesque frame, Ward-Lealand became Marlene Dietrich. It was a magical night of live theatre I have never forgotten.

In Delicious Oblivion, she once again proves she is a cabaret star.

The show delivers works from the cabaret scene of 1920s Berlin and feature many from composer Kurt Weill. Ward-Lealand serves up a range of personalities – one moment she is flirtatious and coquettish, the next belligerent. She handles the transitions from character to character in a way that is effortless and genuine. Over the course of the show we see her as both male and female, queer, straight, militant, feminist, feminine, angry and philosophic. The music is challenging, entrancing and always entertaining.  

The crux of Jennifer Ward-Lealand’s talent and the joy in watching her perform is that she doesn’t simply sing a song, she lives it. She has the sublime ability to evoke the perfect personality and spirit of each piece and constantly changes who she is throughout the show. She is also blessed in this production by having a set of young musicians who are not only talented, but clearly share her love and passion for the art form. 

Delicious Oblivion is the perfect start to what will be another successful run of shows in the 2019 Auckland Cabaret Season. 

Watch my sneak peak of other shows in this years Cabaret Season here:

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