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Read: New Music from Matt Berninger, Phoenix Foundation, Lana del Ray.

I’ve been listening to some cool music this past month including a really nice mellow album from Matt Berninger, and The Phoenix Foundation’s first album in five years.

SERPENTINE PRISON  (Album) – Matt Berninger 

Matt Berninger is an American singer-songwriter with a baritone voice who is the lead singer of indie rock band The National. Serpentine Prison is his debut solo album and Berninger delivers a soulful soft masculinity to his vocals.

I could imagine listening to Serpentine Prison wrapped in the arms of a lover watching rain hit the window as a fire seductively burns in the grate. 

It’s the kind of music to lull you to sleep or to mellow you out when you are alone and feeling pensive.  All the tracks are nice to listen but there are three that really stand out – Take Me Out of Town, All for Nothing, and the best of the lot – Collar of Your Shirt.

FRIEND SHIP  (Album) – The Phoenix Foundation 

The Phoenix Foundation is a New Zealand group that has been described as having multiple genres including being a distortion act, indie folk trippers, and masters of motor dream pop. If that all sounds a bit weird don’t worry, their latest album Friend Ship is easy to listen to and very satisfying. It’s been five years since their last album – this one has collaborations with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra which adds a new dimension to their sound. 

Favourite tracks of mine are: Transit of Venus and Tranquility.

The Phoenix Foundation is touring New Zealand in November 2020 – here are the details

LET ME LOVE YOU LIKE A WOMAN (Song) – Lana Del Ray  

Ok, so this is a weird track for a song, but despite that, it’s quite catchy and has that ethereal quality that Lana does so well. This is Lana’s first single release since her album Norman F**king Rockwell debuted last year. Now that was a great album and my review of it is here.

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