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Read: New music – WILLOW, Imagine Dragons, Clairo, Inhaler, BENEE

lately I feel EVERYTHING (album) – WILLOW

A few weeks ago, I reviewed WILLOW’s song Transparent Soul, which is the first track on her new album lately I feel Everything.  It’s a great track and I also loved Forever which has a very cool haunting quality to it, and Naive which is similar and quite emotional.

The rest of the album though is not so strong, a mishmash of heavy rock tracks and inaudible lyrics. This is a shame because WILLOW has a great voice. There is no doubt this is an angry album, and in case you need convincing, the name of track 2 is F__K You. It’s full of bleeped-out expletives, but thankfully it’s only seconds long!

You can listen to the album on Spotify

Somebody That I Used To Know (single) – BENEE

Originally written and performed by Gotye and featuring kiwi songstress Kimbra, this reimagining of the song is kind of soulful. It doesn’t have the impact or energy of the original but is perhaps moodier. Not a bad song overall. 

It Won’t Always Be Like This (album) – Inhaler 

This is the debut album of the Irish foursome. There are eleven tracks on the album and their sound is reminiscent of early U2 music. Songs like It Won’t Always Be Like This, and My Honest Face have a strong rock feel, but then the cool Slide Out The Window is more mellow. To be honest, the album is a bit of a mixed bag, but I did like My King Will Be Kind and 9 – Totally. 

Watch an interview with the band with some of the music here.

Sling (album) – Clairo

This Clairo’s second album, and it has a soft lyrical quality to it. To be honest I don’t quite know what to make of the tracks. Clairo’s voice is very sweet as are the songs, but they have a narcoleptic quality to them. I don’t think this is an album I would listen to often, or, perhaps one track occasionally mixed in with other easy listening tracks. Best track – Bambi

You can listen to the album on Spotify

Wrecked (single) – Imagine Dragons 

I love the music of Imagine Dragons, and this latest single lives up to the exceptions I have of this GRAMMY award-winning group. Written as a tribute to his deceased sister-in-law, the grief of Dan Reynolds is palpable. 

Him (single) – Ngaiire

Ngaiire is a Papua New Guinean-born singer now resident in Sydney. She has a new album coming out next month called ‘3’. The track Him is off that album, and it’s a soulful, soaring song. Ngaiire has a voice very similar to Rhianna and has a spiritual sound to it. Check out the music video for Him below.


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