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Read: The Heels are Alive celebrates drag and trans performance

There’s something very special about seeing live cabaret. There’s a palpable sense of excitement in the crowd; the venues are usually smaller and therefore more intimate, and the performances are often risqué and over the top.

There’s also a lot of and gender fluidity in cabaret, and Fine Fatale certainly delivered the essentials of that in their production The Heels are Alive.

Three gorgeous drag divas, The Taka Too Wops, hosted the night with a dash of Pacific pride and a big helping of sauciness – it was a magical and camp ride. 

In many ways they seemed to evoke the era of the Andrews Sisters – three gals delivering the goods with plenty of one-liners and a whole lot of hutzpah. Of course these modern divas were a lot more flamboyant than those of the 1940s!

Appearing alongside them were Fine Fatale’s ensemble of trans dancers who performed number after number with style. 

As with many shows of this kind, there was lip-synching, but the live singing by a handsome Samoan Man (Valentino) and the Too Wops took this show to a much higher level. 

It ended with a rousing rendition of the ultimate queer anthem “I Will Survive,” which provided the perfect conclusion to a fantastic evening that celebrated our drag and trans communities.  


One last chance to see this show – 8pm Saturday 15th June 2019

click here for bookings 


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