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Review: 360 ALLSTARS

It may seem like a curious mashup, but if you combine live rap, cirque, breakdancing, acrobatics, BMX bikes and basketballs, you get the extraordinarily energetic and highly entertaining show 360 ALLSTARS. 

Visiting our shores after many years this troupe of very accomplished performers delivered an hour of tricks and delight at Auckland’s Civic Theatre. Headed by Australian Gene Peterson, the show featured athletes and performers at the peak of their careers.

Peterson himself provided live percussion and rap singing on the night and was accompanied by the very versatile and sparkling Mirrah, a songstress from America. Having live singing and music as well as recorded added an extra dimension to this action-packed show.

First up was Heru Anwari a flatland BMX champion form Indonesia who put his bike through all sorts of spins and turns and did them so well it almost seemed as though the bike was an extension of his own body. Pafo from Japan is a basketball freestyler and managed to end up creating an enthralling juggling act with five balls on the go. 

Two BBoys performed the most incredibly precise and thrilling dance routines and even had a dance off against one another – both well matched and crowd pleasers. BBoy Sette hailed from Australia and BBoy Leerok was a kiwi and who delighted the home country audience with his prowess. 

It is hard to pick a favourite with such diverse and accomplished talent, but for me Daniel Price on a Cyr wheel was stunning. With Mirrah singing beautifully and an ethereal track playing, Price twirled and pivoted on the wheel with such grace and adeptness it was hard not to feel emotion.

360 ALLSTARS is a very unique kind of show that combines so many elements it has appeal for people of all ages. It certainly delivered. 


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Note – Napier event sold out


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