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Review: Don’t Worry Darling is a great thriller

It’s the story of a young happy couple called Alice and Jack who live in a perfect neighbourhood in the 1950s. But there is something sinister going on in this utopia, and Alice is determined to find out what it is.

Press play to watch my review:

So, I’m sure you’ve heard about all the supposed arguments and behind the scenes stuff about this movie. Well put that aside. It’s actually quite an intriguing premise full of surprises and twists that will keep you guessing. The acting is pretty good and the characters are interesting and when the big reveal happens, it is quite surprising. There’s great tension and it looks beautiful.

All up this is an entertaining film, and who gives a crap about whether some people pissed each other off making it. 

So how did I score it?

Acting   8 /10

Story/Script 7 /10

Cinematography    8 /10

Set/Costumes   8/10

Entertainment   7 /10

That gives Don’t Worry Darling an average score of   7.6 / 10


Starring:      Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, Gemma Chan Chris Pine 

Directed by: Olivia Wilde 

Duration: 123 Minutes

Opens in Australia and New Zealand – 6th October  2022


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