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Watch: The Justice of Bunny King is all about inequality

This is the story of a homeless woman desperate to reunite with her children. She faces harassment, discrimination, and almost impossible bureaucratic obstacles to getting her life back on track. 

Press play to watch my review:

It is a well-rounded and powerfully emotional story with very strong characters. Essie Davis as Bunny is really quite remarkable and brings grit, determination, and a humorous empathy to the role. 

The film feels in many ways like a fly on the wall documentary, the way it is shot and the use of real locations and gritty streetscapes enhances the social situations of the characters and actions as well as adding believability to the story. 

What lets the story down though is the patchy cinematography.

There are some fantastically well shot moments, there are also others with definite lighting issues and structural problems.  The pacing of the story is also uneven. 

That needn’t get in the way, however, since The Justice of Bunny King is a dramatic story with some very moving moments and shines a light on inequality in our society. 

So how did I score it?

Acting  8/10

Story/Script   8/10

Cinematography   6/10

Set/Costumes    8/10

Entertainment   7/10

That gives The Justice of Bunny King an average of 7.4 / 10


Starring: Essie Davis, Thomasin McKenzie. 

Directed by: Gaysorn Thavat

Duration: 140 minutes

In New Zealand Cinemas 29 July 2021


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