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Listen: The Solomon Cole Band’s tribute to a Manhattan venue

Derek Solomon is the singer, guitarist, songwriter and leader of The Solomon Cole Band. They are performing in an event called One Night at the Fillmore East on the 11th June 2021 at the Sky City Theatre in Auckland. Andrew Whiteside spoke to Derek about the gig and also about the band. Just a little note, Derek was on a ferry when this was recorded, so there is noise in the background. 

Press play to listen to the interview:



SkyCity Theatre,
Cnr Wellesley Street West & Hobson Street,
Auckland Central

Friday, June 11, 8 PM
Tickets: $45* 
Available via iTicket

For one night only, a group of New Zealand’s finest musicians are bringing The Fillmore East to Auckland’s very own SkyCity Theatre on Friday June 11. Walk through the doors of SkyCity and experience the best of the New York music scene, when the hair was long, the jeans were flared, and music was great.

Do you think music peaked in the 60’s and 70’s? If you were lucky enough to attend a gig at The Fillmore East in NYC, only open for three blessed years, then that’s definitely what you think. And you’re not wrong! Fortunately, you don’t need a time machine to experience it – you just need a ticket. 

In the short years that The Fillmore East was open, it featured some of the most phenomenal acts in rock history: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, The Allman Brothers, Joe Cocker, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, and all the best acts on your scratched up vinyl. It’s time to ditch the vinyl for the night and experience the best songs of the century, played live, up close and personal.

One Night at The Fillmore East is a homage to those rock gods and goddesses and comes to SkyCity Theatre after two sold-out shows at the Waiheke Jazz Festival. The nine-piece band features well-known NZ musicians paying respect to these legends, including The Solomon Cole Band (with Cole himself tackling solos that would make the best blush), Meredith Wilkie from the Rocky Bay Midnights belting out the classics with her titanium-clad lungs, and Nikki Ngatai and Fonnie Teli-Davies lending their dulcet, sultry tones as well.

They tackle these artists and these songs with special guests including bassist Joel Winter, and harmonica player Aaron Carpenter (often called the best harmonica player in Aotearoa) and percussionist Greg Cantwell. Experience their raw talent, and their fervent love for the original artists, who changed the face and sound of music as we know it. Hendrix, Cocker and Joplin gave their all at The Fillmore East, these cats will give their all to those icons in turn. 

The setlist reads like a legendary songbook, including Good Times Bad Times, Feeling Alright, Me & Bobby McGee, Stay with Me, Bennie and the Jets, Take You Higher, Proud Mary, Coyote, Whole Lotta Love, Sinnerman and Evil Ways… plus more. 

Don’t call it a comeback! One Night at The Fillmore East has the best of the local best bringing their A-game to make it sound like you’re in NYC. It’s a night of history, it’s a night of memories, but most importantly, it’s a night of rock.

Bust out your bell bottoms and resurrect your 70’s Sunday best. Dance like freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, bliss out like a Sinnerman and get rocking and rollin’ on the river like Proud Mary.

They might’ve rocked hard in New York, but it’s time to show them how Kiwis can rock.


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