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Read: Two Hearts is the must see show of the Comedy Festival

The beauty of the New Zealand Comedy Festival is the sheer breadth of talent and variety of styles on offer. Easily one of the best of those offerings this year is Two Hearts: Restart the Hearts featuring Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore.

Starting off with a deliberately naff stand-up routine, the twosome quickly morphed into a faux pop duo and delivered an hour long masterpiece of satirical music with great choreography.

The dynamic between these two is brilliant and their onstage bickering is a delight to watch. It’s the music however that took this show into comedy heaven. Each song was intricately crafted to  mock a different social issue – anything from the Me Too movement to sexual harassment, and the bitchiness of pop culture divas caused by PMS and the threats women face walking home at night.

My favourite song had to be the incredibly funny Half White Girl where Daniel parodied her mixed race heritage and the obvious tensions of being caught between cultures. It was a well written song and her performance was exquisite to watch.

The show was high energy, had attractive back up dancers and non stop action. Both Moore and Daniel played their parts extremely well, but Daniel’s voice, timing and sheer ballsy personality made her the overarching star of the show.

You only have a few days to see it, but I recommend you do.

15th- 17th May 2018

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