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Interview: voices from the 2022 ‘samesame but different’ literary festival

Online from 18th February 2022, this year brings together a diverse group of writers and creatives in New Zealand’s queer communities. Below are interviews with some of the participants who spoke to Andrew Whiteside about the festival and their work. Click here for details on the festival and how you can connect.


For the past few years, the city of Auckland has played host to the samesame but different queer literary festival. This year, due to covid, the festival is all online – there will be a range of speakers and presentations, and here to discuss what’s on is author and one of the coordinators of the festival, Joanne Drayton.


Michael Giacon is a poet, songwriter, and performer in New Zealand. He is participating in the 2022 samesame but different literary festival and will be talking about the legacy of queer writing in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


Gina Cole lives in New Zealand, is an honorary Fellow in Writing at the University of Iowa, and holds a Ph.D. in creative writing from Massey University. In a few months she will be publishing a science fiction fantasy novel called Na Viro, and this week, she will be giving the annual Peter Wells Lecture as part of the samesame but different literary festival in New Zealand. 

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Ruby Solly is a kiwi writer, poet, and musician who has both Pakeha and Māori ancestry. In this interview talks about how that has influenced her work. She also explains her coming out process as takatāpui or queer, and she shares memories of her late Uncle Matt Wildbore, a well-known and loved doctor in Auckland, who died in 2008.

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