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Colossal is kinda like Godzilla but not really!

You know I’ve never watched a Godzilla movie – no, never! So going to see a movie that was kind of like Godzilla but not really was kind of intriguing. In the opening scene of this movie a multi-story monster appears in Seoul (South Korea) and scares the pants of a little girl. It’s an electrifying moment that made me sit up and take notice.

The plot then jumps ahead 25 years and we meet Gloria (Anne Hathaway), an unemployed drunk who ends up getting kicked out of her home by her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey). The next twenty minutes or so seems like a road to redemption movie where we forget about the monster and watch as Gloria returns to her completely deserted parent’s home in a small town and reacquaints with a childhood chum Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). This bit of the film seems unconnected to that first scene as Gloria starts to make friends and Oscar proves to be a knight in shining armour.

Just when you think this is a charming romantic comedy, the monster reappears and starts smashing up Seoul – things become surreal and a little dark.

I’ll try to avoid spoiling it for you, but there is a connection between the monster and Gloria and the storyline is quite cool. I kept trying to second guess what it was and where it would lead to, but a few good plot twists kept me in the dark for a long time.   

Anne Hathaway did a pretty good job bringing Gloria to life by exploring her neuroses sympathetically and delivering a touch of humour that made this damaged sot quite likeable.

I have to say though, there’s a strange phenomenon about seeing Hathaway in a movie – I know I’m watching ‘Anne Hathaway’. Many famous actors can make you believe you are watching someone else, and in this film, her co-stars Dan Stevens and Jason Sudeikis seemed like ordinary blokes – while I knew who they were in real life, I managed to suspend belief and relate to the characters they were playing. But with Hathaway, I never forget she’s an actor and that I’m watching her act. I’m not saying she doesn’t act well, just that I never quite see the fictional people she’s portraying.

Despite that, I liked Colossal. It was a charming relationship drama with some gentle comedy and a monster – what more could you wish for?


In cinemas 27th April 2017

110 Minutes

Directed by: Nacho Vigalondo

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis & Dan Stevens



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