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Event: In Bono Veritas

In Bono Veritas, is an unscripted Mockumentary that focusses on the lives of ordinary people, how they deal with and interpret the world they find themselves in, and how they are all connected in some way. Will we explore the behind-the-scenes world of a couple preparing for the county fair, meet the janitor who has dreams of becoming a lounge room singer, or hear the plight of the disgruntled art teacher? 

Each night the audience will supply the title of the documentary and the cast of 12 players will create, on the spot, the documentary with a world and characters based on the audience suggestion, with the same dead-pan delivery as seen in productions like Best in Show, What we do in the Shadows and Wellington Paranormal.

Matt Armstrong is the producer and director of the show. He has been part of the Improv community for more than 20 years and finally took the plunge to combine his love for Mockumentaries and Improv. He has assembled an extraordinary cast of people from a variety of backgrounds and countries, to bring his vision to life. The cast are all members of The Covert Theatre -New Zealand’s only improv theatre. The theatre has been producing shows since 1998 but opened the doors to the brand-new theatre in Ponsonby in 2020. It offers Improvised shows 4 nights a week, and Improv courses for both adults and kids. It is an oasis for all who wish to try their hand at theatre, and those who crave to be part of a community.

Improv as an art form is not well known and is often associated with shows like “Whose line is it anyway” -A great TV show, but just the tip of the Improv iceberg. We want to introduce the public to not only the wonderful entertaining potential of Improv, but also its value as a general life skill. It teaches to embrace the unknown, to be bold, how to yield and how to be a team player.  It is inclusive and everyone is welcome.

It would be wonderful if we could share this vision with you and your viewers. Cast members can demonstrate how characters come to life on the spot, and Armstrong will share details about the format, the overall vision of the production, but mostly about Improv and how enriching it can be for anyone who wants to give it a try.

NOTE – copy for this article supplied by Covert Theatre.

In Bono Veritas will be at the Covert Theatre from 18 June.

Where:            51 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1021

When:             Friday 18, 25 June, 9pm & Saturday 19,26 June, 9pm

Price:              $20 / $16 conc.

Tickets:          Click here

Suitable for ages 16 and over.


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