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Event: It’s Soaking Out Here – March 2022

It’s the apocalypse. It’s no drill. 

Something smells off; nothing tastes good. 

Everyone is a bit sweaty. 

Featuring in Basement Theatre’s Summer Pride Season 2022,
devised comedy-thriller It’s Soaking Out Here finds two people stuck in a bunker with a nauseating dripping sink. Meanwhile, the water pressure from outside clings to the door; threatening not only their sanity but the extinction of humankind. 

Time is warped and reality itself is bent. What risks are they prepared to take, and how will their morals be challenged?

Performed by the “infectious” Kate Johnstone (Homemade Takeaways Circa, 2021) and the “enigmatic” Matthew Staijen (A Midsummer Night’s Dream Summer Shakespeare 2020), It’s Soaking Out Here will reel you in and leave you with a desire for change. This is Adeline Esther’s directorial debut, after attending The Actors’ Program and John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne. Along with Ruby Walsh’s (Lips) theatre debut as Sound Designer. The creative team is excited to bring their first devised show to Basement Theatre, with hopes of taking it to other theatres in NZ. 

It’s Soaking Out Here is an urgent, feral blend of the video game The Last of Us and Netflix series DARKIt’s Soaking… asks what it means to live in a chaotic world today, and the measures we take to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Join us for a riotous, enrapturing evening in The Studio at Basement Theatre. This is a show for the ages. You won’t want to miss it!

Note – copy provided by Easy Peel Creatives.


15-19th March 2022

Basement Theatre, Auckland

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