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Interview: Fez Faanana from ‘Briefs – Dirty Laundry’

After 10 years of selling out festivals worldwide, the Briefs boys are returning to Aotearoa ready to air their Dirty Laundry in this brand-new, can’t-miss, party-cabaret for the festive season. 

In the lead up to the visit in November, the leader of the pack Fez Faanana answered some questions about the show via email:

For people who haven’t seen a Briefs show before, how would you describe it?

Briefs productions are a shotgun wedding of circus, drag, burlesque and dance with a political edge. It’s where theatre meets the night club, circus meets the RSL and drag meets the backyard bbq, it’s a stunning sparkly safe place for artists and audience to collide.

What is new and exciting about ‘Dirty Laundry’

Dirty Laundry puts our full cast on stage with a show that harks back to the punk party and late night cabaret sensibility.

You have some new boys in the show – What can you tell me about them, and what will they be brining to the stage?

We introduce New Zealand audiences to iconic drag artists Dylan Rodriguez aka Serenity @enterserenity and Luke Hubbard aka Nastia @nastia_drag. We are also bringing circus luminary Robbie Curtis who has graced every iconic performance company on the planet such as Cirque Du Soleil, Circus Oz and Australian Ballet

I hear there are new ’toys’ as well. Any hints on what they are?

With the new artists and with the company revamp post pandemic we are bringing more lashes, more glitter, more feathers, more flips, more tricks, more muscle and more madness to the stage.

You created ‘Briefs’ – why was it important to you to do so?

In hind sight I realise how important Briefs is as a movement. It’s a company that sits on the edge and pushes the boundaries of artforms and social commentary. Briefs bares the brunt of it’s unique branding and its dna is made of all  its contributors since its creation in 2008.

Obviously you have a queer fanbase, but do you think you also have a wider following, and why?

The success of Briefs has been heavily reliant on the diversity of our audiences. We have a strong connection to a queer fanbase amongst many other archetypes and subcultures. Everyone should know that they are always cordially invited to any and all of the briefs factory shin digs.

Have you noticed a change in audience reactions over the years Briefs has been performing?

Briefs audiences have grown and with that growth in numbers has been a growth in sophistication and punk nature. Audiences are ready for curve balls, disco balls and glamour balls!

How did the pandemic affect you folks (good and/or bad things)?

The pandemic tested many of our industries. For Briefs it made us stronger. We dug our heels in and we held each other tight until it blew over. We also made loads of content so NZ better be ready for us and our new shows ready to roll out of the next few years

What is next for you all?

More touring; returning to existing locations, making new partnerships and employing as many artists as possible to take to all of these places.


Thu 16, Fri 17, Sat 18 November 7:30pm 
Wed 22*, Thu 23, Fri 24, Sat 25 7:30pm & Sun 26* November 6pm  
Wed 29*, Thu 30 November & Fri 1, Sat 2 7:30pm & Sun 3* December 6pm  
Tue 5, Wed 6, Thu 7, Fri 8 & Sat 9 December 7:30pm 

Tickets, packages and Christmas function offers are available here.


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