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LGBTQ News Roundup – 15th October 2021

Superman comes out as bisexual in new comic book   

Iconic superhero Superman has been revealed as bisexual in a new comic. DC Comics announced this week that Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent, and Lois Lane will begin a relationship with a man in an issue of Superman of Earth: Son of Kal-El. The story writer Tom Taylor says the story furthers the Man of Steel’s role as a crusader for “truth, hope, and justice”. He explained further by saying he hoped a bisexual superman would be a powerful role model. 

Tom Daley calls for Olympic ban on countries that kill gay people  

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has said he will make it his mission to stop countries where homosexuality is punishable by death from competing in the Olympics. While accepting a sports award a the 2021 Attitude Awards, the gold medal-winning athlete said: “I think it’s really important to try and create change, rather than just highlighting or shining a light on those things.” Currently, there are 11 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death, including Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran. Daley also criticised the organisers of the FIFA World Cup for allowing Qatar to host the 2022 event because the death penalty is a legal possibility in the country. 

“Vida” star becomes first non-binary actor to be nominated in all-male category

Sir Anzoategui is the first nonbinary and trans-Latinx actor to be nominated for best-supporting actor (male) in a comedy TV series at this year’s Imagen Awards. The awards seek to recognise and reward creative excellence for Latino people in television and film in the United States. This is the first time in the ceremony’s 36 years that a nonbinary person has been nominated. Anzoategui is being recognised amongst all their cisgender male peers for their performance as Eddy in STARZ network drama Vida.

Outrage after lesbian diagnosed at Spanish hospital with ‘homosexuality’

A family and an LGBT collective in southeast Spain are demanding answers and an apology after a 19-year-old gay woman who visited a gynecologist over a menstrual condition was diagnosed with ‘homosexuality’. After being examined at the hospital, she was given a piece of paper that included the line: “Current illness: homosexual.” The World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from a list of mental illnesses in 1990, and the American Psychiatric Association removed it from their list of mental conditions in 1973. The hospital in Spain has responded by saying they are investigating the issue and suggested a mistake was made “when the patient’s details were taken”. They also said that the hospital would be offering an apology to the patient.  


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