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Read: Some binge-worthy shows that will stave off the boredom of self-isolation

Coronavirus has made us all a little jumpy, and it may seem like going outside is too dangerous.  It’s not of course, but if you are staying in and you’re feeling a little bored, here are some of my recommendations of shows worth watching on your favourite streaming app.  

I’ll add others over time, and feel free to offer your suggestions:


100 Humans

A cultural documentary series where literally 100 humans are experimented on to find out how we tick and what makes us behave the way we do.  Along the way, we find out many stereotypes about ourselves are true and which ones aren’t. Episode four is a particularly challenging one that will make you think. Hosts Sammy Obeid, Zainab Johnson and Alie Ward are funny and engaging. 

Sex Education 

Easily one of the best comedies of recent times. Refreshing in its honest and very very frank discussions about sex. Excellent writing and casting. The kind of show that can be watched by most age groups. 

Schitt’s Creek

Hailing from Canada, this comedy series is quirky and funny. It’s about a wealthy spoilt family who lose almost everything they own and are forced to move to a small town. Great casting, silly but watchable plots. 

The Windsors

A hilarious piss take of the royal family with a cast who manage to make their characters seem more real than the genuine articles. It’s completely silly, but very very watchable.  A third season of the show is coming to Netflix soon. 

First Wives Club

So this film is really quite old, but is being released 1st April on Netflix. Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton play jilted ‘first wives’ determined to get even on their husbands. Watch out for a cameo of the first Mrs Trump. The film is silly and camp, but it’s a good distraction. 

The Good Place

What happens to you after you die?  This comedy series explores it in a funny and different way. All four seasons are now on Netflix, the first two are the best, but stick with it. 

From Time to Time

Maggie Smith stars in this interesting film about a kid who sort of time travels. Set in World War 2 and the 1800s, it’s a good watch. 


The Morning Show 

Easily the best drama of 2019 starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell. This ten episode first series shows the impact and reactions to sexual assault in the workplace. It’s dramatic, well-written and the performances at top notch. 


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

This show has been around for a while, but I’ve just discovered its delights. It’s about a women in the late 1950s trying to break into stand-up comedy. Superbly written with an excellent cast, this one is full of binge-worthy episodes. 

Will and Grace

This is the original eight seasons that are available and it’s one of my favourite comedies. The plots are often strange, but the cast members are just brilliant together. 

Star Trek: Picard

Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Picard in this latest series from Star Trek. Darker and more realistic than The Next Generation, this show is intriguing. 



All seven series are available to watch. It’s acerbic and every single character is just plain awful. That’s the point, and it will keep you glued to your device!

Big Little Lies

I haven’t watched the second season yet, but the first was pretty cool and had a great climax. Cast is really good. 


Young Sheldon 

The spin-off from The Big Bang Theory has a superb cast who are very likeable and it has great scripts. Best of all, it doesn’t have a laugh track telling you when to react. 


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