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Review: ‘Nope’ the movie is brilliantly flawed

It’s the story of a brother and sister on a remote horse ranch in California who get attacked by a strange and menacing something that lives in a cloud. They don’t know what it is, but someone they know does. 

Press play to watch my review:

ok.. this is a very odd film that has a really great premise and a lot of promise but loses something in the execution. 

The story is all over the place and has some rather big plot holes in it that don’t really get explained fully, and some bits of it have symbolic meaning, but it’s easy to miss that meaning. 

The cast are pretty good, and they work well together, but often the dialogue is rushed, and occasionally garbled. 

The film is also way too long and has scenes and exposition that are too slow and frankly not essential to the plot. 

But there are moments of humour, sprinkled throughout, and the action scenes are really well done and provide very intense and scary moments. 

Nope is a clever film but could have been brilliant if they’d been vicious in the editing room. Despite that, I still found it rather entertaining, and I recommend you go and see it. 

So how did I score it?

Acting   7 /10

Story/Script    6 /10

Cinematography    7 /10

Set/Costumes   7/10

Entertainment   7 /10

That gives Nope an average score of   6.8 / 10


Starring:   Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, Wrenn Schmidt, Barbie Ferreira, Keith David. 

Directed by:

Duration: 135 Minutes

Opens in Australia and New Zealand – 11th August  2022


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