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Read: The Black Eyed Peas new album is mostly meh

There’s a reason the Black Eyed Peas have sold millions of records, their sound is dynamic, catchy and unforgettable.

If you don’t believe me, just think about many of their hit songs: I Got A Feeling, Where is the Love, Pump It, Don’t Stop the Party.

I bet you can recall the music and the lyrics instantly. In fact, I reckon you can even recite the lyrics to the pornographic and quite ridiculous My Humps.

You’re doing that right now, aren’t you? You might even be reaching for your iPod or your stack of CDs coz you want to listen to Let’s Get Retarded again.

Why is that? Because the Peas produce music you can’t ignore, it gets under your skin.

Well, they used to. Unfortunately, their latest album, Masters of the Sun, is a wee bit meh.

It may be underwhelming because for the first time in eight years Fergie isn’t involved with the group, but whatever the reason, many of the tracks are low energy, repetitive and just plain dull.

There are a couple of exceptions.

Ring the Alarm is a protest song with a solid beat, tight lyrics and strong vocalisation. While Big Love is easily the best track on the record. It’s a strong anthem with a call to action. The harmonies in the chorus contrast superbly with the verses.  This song is inspiring and truly the only one on the album that I remembered afterwards.

Three others (Yes and No, Dopeness and Wings), aren’t bad, but the rest of the 12 are pretty bland.

I’m kinda surprised about this as I’ve always liked the hybrid pop-rock-rap mix that the group has delivered in the past. But with this album, something seems to have gone wrong. Other than the aforementioned Big Love, nothing stands out.

I really wonder where or why you’d listen to this album – maybe if you were at a party and everyone was drunk or high, then its chilled out repetitive nature may be just the thing, but for me, I’ll pass.

– Masters of the Sun vol 1 is available now.


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