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Event: Basmati Bitch – July 2023

In the neon-lit streets of futurist Aotearoa, an ex-MMA fighter discovers you can’t ever really escape the past.

When retired fighter, Shiva, is dragged into the world of illegal MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting by bored overworked Bisma, the last thing they expect is to be embroiled in the contraband black market.

But that’s exactly what happens when they end up in massive debt to basmati baron Toby, ‘The King’. They have seven days to acquire a truckload of rice, or else…

Set in an alternate reality where ethnic dietary staples, like rice, are banned due to crop disease and closed borders, Basmati Bitchtransports us to a heightened reality of contested borders, exploited migrant workers and a crumbling empire.

A self-aware, neo-noir action-crime-comedy full of wacky fourth-wall-breaking characters, slick dance and stage combat.

Nightclubs double as fight clubs, dairies have rice bunkers and Aunties scheme away in their mahjong dens.

Strap in, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

“Ankita Singh is an inventive and clever new voice. Imaginatively staged in-the-round at Q Rangatira, this futuristic Pan-Asian romp of a crime caper promises a glimpse of what might be to come.” – Jonathan Bielski


11-30 July 2023

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