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LGBTQI News Roundup – 19 Feb 2021

NZ Government to fund mental health services for LGBTQI Youth 

The New Zealand government put out a statement this week stating they would provide targeted nationwide funding to services that provide mental health support to Rainbow young people. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced $4 million would be allocated. You can read the government press release about this funding here

British military veterans stripped of medals can get them back 

The UK government has admitted that the decades-long policy of stripping medals from LGBTQI military personnel was wrong and have outlined a process where those affected can get their medals returned. A spokesperson for the Defense Ministry stated the practice was “wrong, discriminatory and unjust,” and “deeply regrettable.” 

News Headlines
*Ignorant Arizona state representative compares transgender people to farm animals. 

*New Zealand’s first Latin American MP says his adopted country has many blind spots. 

*Highwayman’s 1750 confessions reveal ‘unusual’ ambivalence about gay sex. 

*Auckland Transport employee criticised for online comments some describe as transphobic.


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