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Read: New music – Diana Ross, Olivia Rodrigo, Xavier Rudd, Mabel, Willow

Thank You (single) – Diana Ross 

This song with its piano start seems to evoke the quintessential Diana Ross sound from the 70s, but it’s her voice that seems almost unrecognisable. Now, I’m a huge Diana fan, but this song doesn’t really do it for me. 

The Rose Song (single) – Olivia Rodrigo 

A little laid back song from the young diva. It’s quite sweet, but sounds like a lot of songs coming out from young female singers at the moment. With lyrics like “my beauty is from within,” and “I am more than what I am to you,” it’s obviously an empowerment song. I imagine it’s the kind of track that you’d hear on an episode of Lucifer, you know, when Chloe, Linda, or Ella have had their heart broken and are walking away into the sunset – that kind of song!

Stony Creek (single) – Xavier Rudd 

I always cringe when I hear the dreadfully overused word ‘baby’ in a song. Guess what the first word in this song is? Uh huh!  Well despite that, it’s actually quite a nice number. Mellow with an acoustic guitar, simple beat and Xavier’s has a haunting voice. It even has a dog barking in it.

Let Them Know (single) – Mabel 

Mabel is a British singer whose debut album was streamed over 2 billion times. This latest track is a kind of hybrid of pop, rap, and bubblegum. Not sure if bubblegum is actually a genre, but I could imagine dancing to this track manically chewing gum. It’s kind of catchy but the ‘non-clean’ version is a bit naughty! 

Transparent Soul (single) – Willow (ft Travis Barker)

I didnt know who Willow was when I heard this song. Turns out its Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She has a great voice and this pop-punk track has a  fast beat and a grungy rock sound.  Apparently, Willow co-wrote it after reading a quote from a Hindu guru, and it’s about her struggle with fake people – it’s an angry song, but cool. 


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