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Read: New music from Marilyn Manson, The Vamps, Sam Smith, Tammy Nielson

I love music and I like a wide range of genres. Over the past few weeks, there’ve been some really cool album and single releases, and I thought I’d share some of my favourites:

One of those artists I have a wary admiration of is Marilyn Manson. His new track We Are Chaos is really good – it’s from the album of the same name, and if you haven’t been a Manson fan before then watch the music video and see if you agree with me. 

The Vamps new album is Cherry Blossom. I loved the first single released – Married in Vegas. It’s an upbeat and poppy kind of song. See if you like it too.

If you are a fan of Sam Smith you’ve probably read about their exploration of gender identity and how they came out as ‘non-binary.’  It’s great that in this era celebrities have the courage to live their genuine lives and inspire people. Check out Sam’s new song called My Oasis featuring Burna Boy.

Kiwi group Bandaids and Lipstick’s new album Summer Thieves is really enjoyable and every track is worth listening to. My fav would be All I want. It’s available on Spotify. 

As I’m sure you know Tami Neilson now calls New Zealand home. She’s such a cool person and has a very unique style. She’s also about to tour NZ and has released a new song called You Were Mine. The vocals on the track are mind-blowing so I recommend if you haven’t heard it to take a listen to it.


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