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Bulletproof (single) – La Roux Gamper & Dadoni 

La Roux’s 2009 hit Bulletproof has been re-released with a fuller sound thanks to German DJ duo Gamper & Dadoni who bring their signature sax and piano to the track. This version is very cool and a great dance mix. The video has been around since 2019 so I’m unsure why it’s taken this long to become available.

Leave Before You Love Me  (single) – Marshmello, Jonas Brothers 

Yet another collaboration – this between award-winning Marshmellow and the three Jonas Brothers. It’s a fresh little pop song that’s energetic and kind of fun. 

Blue Banisters (Sample tracks) – Lana Del Ray

Lana seems to be on a roll. I really liked her last album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, and is now working on her 8th studio album called Blue Banisters. In anticipation of this, she’s just released three tracks as a teaser: Blue Banisters, Text Book, and Wildflower Wildfire. The tracks are quite chill, but perhaps not as strong as those in Chemtrails Over the Country Club. It’ll be interesting to hear the rest of the album when it’s available. 

Mirror (Single) – Sigrid

Sigrid is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who won the annual BBC Music Sound in 2018. This event is a poll that goes out to music critics and industry figures to find the most promising new talent. Her debut album Sucker Punch went to #4 on the UK albums chart in 2019. Now she’s released this new track Mirror. It’s a fairly typical pop song, the type we are hearing a lot of from Millenial songsters, but it’s got a nice beat and it’s a cute sound – check it out below.


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