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Review: Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Crystal’

Crystal is the latest Cirque du Soleil extravaganza to grace our shows, and it’s a mix of morality play with the ice rink equivalent of the x-games. 

The story concerns a misfit girl called Crystal whom everyone thinks is weird and ‘doesn’t listen.’  I think that’s partly because she’s artistic and independent, but it might be she has ADHD, or more thank likely, she’s bored senseless by the monotony and conformity of every day life. 

One day, she heads out for some fresh air and it seems as through she falls through ice into a lake. I’m not entirely sure about that, but what follows is either a dream or fantasy about life and facing your fears.

The story is a little thin, but the series of set pieces are incredibly well choreographed and thrilling to watch with an exciting mix of styles that is a Cirque version of the ice-escapades and sport.

There are some thrilling ice-hockey games, well co-ordinated chase scenes, and a beautiful on ice waltz that was really quite emotional.

As with any Cirque show, there is a character that plays the fool and among other things throws snowballs at the audience, and often gets them thrown back at him. He’s funny and silly, just the kind of character people love. He laps all the energy up and his many pratfalls bring laughter from all ages in the audience. 

Crystal also cleverly uses movable sets that cover a range of human scenarios from a home, to a playground and even an office. There’s romance and rivalry, arguments and love, and some breathtaking stunts. 

It’s all done so well – the performers are engaging and talented, the music is perfect for every scenario and the entire show whimsical in nature that the time whizzes by like one of the many thrown snowballs. 


4th – 9th July 2023

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