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Review: Peepshow (Club Remix)

The great thing about modern ideas of cirque performances is that animals play no part of in it. Instead, we get humans volunteering to entertain us and in Circa’s latest offering Peepshow (Club Remix) we see a very lithe and attractive set of sapiens putting on an amazing set of dazzling acrobatic pieces in a thrilling one hour show. 

With a live soundrack by DJ Original Lichtick, this troupe created the kind of moves that if I emulated I would be in traction for several months. But they were a great reminder of the beauty and form of the human body and the fantastic art our species can create with movement.

This was a very confident cast of performers who brought chemistry and flair to every set piece, and clearly had a strong trust and rapport with one another. 

The entire show was a mix of classic cirque and a witty burlesque that was risqué but never cheap. 

There was whimsy and some truly beautiful moments. 

One of the most innovative, but I have to say a little nerve wracking moments was when one of the women wearing red high heeled shoes walked over a man lying prone on the floor. He then slowly moved into other positions while she continued to walk on his skin. It was incredibly well done. 

All over, Peepshow (Club Remix) brought a sexy and innovative dynamic to what is a much loved type of art, and it was gripping to watch.


29 June – 1 July 2023

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