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Review: ‘The Whale’ is a hard watch but remarkable

Brendan Fraser stars as Charlie, a morbidly obese shut in living in a city in Idaho. He’s an online English tutor and estranged from his ex-wife and daughter. The film follows a week of his life as he faces a health crisis. When his angry daughter finally visits him, the fireworks start. 

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The cast are very good in this flick – particularly Brendan Fraser who plays his role with a calm dignity and a compelling emotional range. His daughter Ellie is a total bitch and Sadie Sink  plays her very well. Yes there are redeeming qualities to the character, but boy its hard to love her. Samantha Morton is perhaps not as strong, as Fraser and Sink,  but she does bring a compelling  range of emotions to the role.  

Overall The Whale  is an interesting film but its uncomfortable to watch and gets bogged down at times in very slow scenes . So i have mixed feelings about this one – i still think thought its worth seeing, particularly because it covers an issue that not many of us really know much about and Fraser makes a performance that means it is easy to feel a great deal of empathy for Charlie. 

So how did I score it?

Acting   8 /10

Story/Script 6 /10

Cinematography    7 /10

Set/Costumes   7/10

Entertainment   6 /10

That gives The Whale an average score of   6.8 / 10


Starring:    Brendan Fraser, Samantha Morton, 

Directed by:  

Duration: Minutes

Opens in Australia and New Zealand – 2nd February   2023


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