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Read: Auckland Pride posts a $79k deficit

Auckland Pride Festival Inc reported a deficit of $79,841 for the year ended 30 June 2021 at its Annual General Meeting on the 31st July 2021. This compares to an $8,592 surplus at year-end 2020. The main contributor to the loss was a dramatic rise in expenses from 2020. Volunteer and employee expenses were up by $22,971, and costs related to the provision of goods and services were up by $110,627.

Total Revenue rose by $45,165 from the previous year, though donations and fundraising showed a fall of $15,616 in 2021.

At the AGM Treasurer Kyle Habershon stated that the change in fortune for Auckland Pride was the result of covid and the need to provide safety to people attending the 2021 Festival, as well as changing deadlines at one of the charitable foundations Auckland Pride applies to for grant money. 

Members of the society voted on a number of resolutions and passed the following:

The date of the AGM has been extended to the 31st of August each year.

Society calls on the government to amend the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Bill to include people who were born overseas.

The society also calls on the government to provide meaningful victim support and accountability in any proposed legislation dealing with conversion therapy. 

Three Board members resigned from the board – Michael McCabe, Piripi Mackie, and Wetini Paul. Three candidates were successfully voted on as replacements – Christian Rika, Priscilla Palmer, and Shaneel Lal.  Board co-chair Kaan Hiini was re-elected for a second term on the Board. 

Note – Andrew Whiteside has requested an interview with the co-chairs of Auckland Pride to discuss the AGM and other issues.


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